Camo Wedding Rings for Him

camo wedding rings for him

Man’s wedding rings are commonly boring due to limited options. The design is commonly very simple. The ring is plain wedding band. The ornate is very limited. Then, the ring is rarely used gemstone. However, men could be happier now because they have more options. The new option for man’s wedding band is camo wedding rings for him. The ring will break tradition and become extraordinary option. The word “camo” is the shortening of the word camouflage. Camouflage is common activity of the army. The purpose is to hide themselves from the enemy. Camouflage is an effort to blend with the environment in order to reduce visibility. To blend with the environment, the army will wear camouflage outfit in specific motif. In design, camo is referring to the motif of army camouflage outfit. The motif is splotches of black, green, and brown. Camouflage motif is very popular today. The motif shows strength value of a man. The motif shows masculinity. The motif shows braveness. Then, the motif shows simplicity. For man’s wedding ring, the motif is perfect option. The ring would be simple and masculine. The ring is very suitable for man with unique persona. Of course, the woman could also have the same design so the wedding rings would fit each other.

Camo Wedding Rings for Him Who is Unique

Camo wedding rings for him are very suitable for a unique man. The ring with mixture of colors would be different from the common wedding rings for man. The design itself carries great value. Although the ring is made from not so valuable material, the design is enough to make it valuable.

camo wedding rings for hiM

Camo Wedding Rings for Him and for Her

In order to make camo wedding rings for him fit well to wedding ring for her, woman wedding ring should have camo design as well. A set of camo wedding rings for him and her would be a good choice. Besides perfect to each other, a set of rings will save time and energy to shop for wedding rings.

camo wedding bands for men and women

Gallery of Camo Wedding Rings for Him

Rima RLB October 7, 2013
camo wedding bands for men and women camo wedding rings for him camo wedding rings for him and her camo wedding rings for men and women

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