The Black Gold Engagement Rings

black gold engagement ring

Black gold is a real gold with black color. Electroplating involving black ruthenium or rhodium is the common process to produce black gold. The other processes are including patination, chemical-vapor deposition with amorphous carbon, and controlled oxidation with cobalt. Due to the black color, black gold engagement rings will look unique, striking, sexy, and mysterious. Dark engagement rings are great option for couple who want to create bold statement about them being different from others. Woman who wears black would look so dramatic. She will look powerful as well because only powerful woman is brave enough to wear black ring. Since black gold is an alloy, the price is lower than pure yellow gold. However, although the metal is not as expensive as pure gold, it is still gold. Alloy with 75% gold will make 18K black gold that will cost you hundreds dollar just for the metal. Black gold is commonly combined with black diamond or white diamond as traditional stone for engagement ring. It could also combine with other colored stones, including ruby and sapphire. The setting could be simple solitaire or intricate design with halo pave, accent stones, or bypass rows. To make the ring standout, big size stone would look better.

black gold engagement rings

Black Gold Engagement Rings with Black Diamond

To create outstanding black gold engagement rings, black gold is combined with black diamond. However, since all-black ring would be too dark, black gold engagement ring settings for black diamond are commonly with white halo pave or with white diamond accents. The white diamonds will create sparkle in the dark.

Black Gold Engagement Rings with White Diamond

White diamond will create best contrast to black gold. Black gold engagement rings with diamonds are unique rings while maintaining diamond as tradition for engagement. However, the black metal will absorb some lights so you will see the white diamond as less brilliant. The best is you come to the store to check black gold engagement rings yourself.

Gallery of The Black Gold Engagement Rings

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